Tourism Potential

Photo credit Wendy Bristol, from Adventure Cyclist Family Fun Tour on the Great Allegheny Passage

Photo credit Wendy Bristol, from Adventure Cycling Family Fun Tour on the Great Allegheny Passage

The concept of a greenway as a tourism destination is well-established in Europe, the US and other locales worldwide. Ontario is a blank slate waiting for an imprint. Toronto to Algonquin Greenway (TAG) re-interprets this classic greenway model with a hike/bike/paddle route through the heart of the province.

TAG re-shapes eleven separate entities into one new form that will become internationally recognizable as an enticing new experience destination. TAG will take its place amidst a global conversation. But this is a discriminating travel clientele.

It will take a guided and concerted effort of communities along the way to provide the expected level of services, amenities and accommodation. Modest investments by all levels of government, business and society can be coordinated to create a consistent, welcoming, positive visitor experience all along the Greenway route. The project requires no trail-building but will eventually create an iconic tourism product emblematic of Ontario.

Adventure tour companies are selling this type of experience worldwide. The TAG project will establish a sustainable regional tourism product that will attract that market to Ontario.

In the process, a range of new enterprise will be created to meet the demands for accommodation, luggage transfers, bike and kayak rentals, shuttle services, and all the specialized amenities appreciated by greenway travellers.

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