The Concept

One of the many farmers markets livening up the Greenway route.

One of the many farmers markets livening up the Greenway route.

Toronto to Algonquin Greenway (TAG) is an original concept bringing communities together in creating a new international destination in Ontario, Canada. Based on a well-established European Greenway Methodology, the concept begins with identifying a > route to hike, bike and paddle. Outreach to engage a network of partners is the next important component. Successful greenways animate communities, inspire local enterprise, forge a regional identity, and invite the world in for a visit.

This new Greenway imaginatively links existing parks, paths and rail trails from downtown Toronto to the forests of Algonquin Park. It incorporates a vintage train excursion, a snippet of the Trans Canada Trail, and heritage canoe routes. TAG inspires a new way to travel through Ontario, almost entirely away from car traffic.

It’s important to note that each path, park or trail is individually owned and operated – by quite diverse agencies. Each will embrace the Toronto to Algonquin Greenway concept in their own way, while maintaining individual autonomy.

The Toronto to Algonquin Greenway will promote sustainable tourism, heighten appreciation of natural and cultural heritage, and inspire active modes of travel, recreation and mobility.

The Greenway invites discovery of the many towns and villages along the way. Self-propelled exploration moves the traveller through an area slowly to appreciate local foods, nature interpretation, railway and canoe heritage, festivals and events, cultural expression and performing arts.

TAG will be a catalyst for new enterprise, following the path of an exciting international greenway movement which has been steadily building over three decades.